Why Choose Us?

Social Media has quickly become a vital part of marketing for all types of business.

We understand the struggle for a business owner to keep up with the latest social trends
and the time it takes away from day to day operations.

Social Sailboat can partner with you to make your online marketing
stand out amongst your competition.

  • Full Service Social Media Management

    We meet with our clients to establish their goals and what will be most beneficial to their company's growth. We...

  • Website Management

    We will monitor and update your website as needed. Don't have the time or knowledge to keep your inventory updated...

  • Consulting

    Specific Campaigns - Have something special going on that you want to highlight/share? Personal Education - Do you want to...

  • Text Marketing

    We can help you market to your customers through their cell phones! Our powerful partnerships allow us to bring a...

Lets get your business noticed!

We are essentially the eyes, ears, and voice of your business online.
This means you have someone devoted to raising your brand awareness, getting your business noticed by your target audience, and raising your sales.
All of this while keeping the ethics and integrity of your business our priority.
All you need is amazing social media and a great looking website.

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